I’m lucky to be spending thanksgiving in New York this year!  This morning I caught a little to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV and my first thought was OMG how American (no irony intended).  My second thought was, how great is this nation at celebrating!  OK, I’m not proposing that we all jump out of bed and start parading in front of your local shops, however it did make me think, how often do we demonstrate thankfulness and celebrate ourselves, our achievements and the people we love and care about?

So here goes for me!

I’m so grateful to be sitting in my family home, working at the kitchen table looking out on a beautiful sunny (but chilly) day.  The trees are beautiful in their autumnal starkness and, if I look carefully, I’ll see some of the local wildlife scurrying about.

I’m so thankful for my family and friends who support and encourage me on this crazy journey that’s called life.

My lovely clients who make my business so fulfilling and from whom I also learn so much, a big thank you.

I’m grateful to you for taking the time to read this post, I hope it gave cause to pause.

So how am I going to celebrate today – probably by eating and drinking a tad too much and sharing fun and laughter with my family and friends this side of the pond.

It may not be Thanksgiving Day in your part of the world but I would like to encourage you to give thanks and celebrate in some way, large or small, not just today but every day.

So, go on, post below, what are you thankful for and just how will you celebrate that?  And while you’re at it, share!

Gratefully yours, Dawn

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