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So pleased to meet you, I’m Dawn Gregory and I help wellness professionals and coaches to share their story, voice, and passions with confidence.

Workshops tailored to you

Join others who feel just as you do, on a full day, half day, or weekend workshop, to help you speak with more confidence.

1-1 Coaching

Looking for a more personal approach, or perhaps feel your confidence lies deeper than an upcoming presentation? Find out how I help with 1-1 coaching, tailored to your needs.

Why me?

Want to know a little more about me, my journey, and why have chosen to take this path to helping people like you share their voice?

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Want to just get in touch? That’s fine too! Let’s chat.

Helping you learn the skills to feel more confident when speaking your story


Confidence when speaking

Support when you need it

Have support when you need me, through 1-1 coaching to help you boost your confidence. Now, I may not be a fairy godmother, but I will work hard to help you with my own magic wand!

How to become more confident when speaking

Tools, Tricks, and Tips just for you

I host training courses and provide personal support to help you learn how to feel more comfortable and confident when speaking. My own concoction thanks to my own past with speaking and learning how to be more confident.

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Build your own confidence

With the support and training provided, you’ll create your own suit of armour to help you feel more and more confident when standing up and talking to a room, whether 5 people or 500. Plus, I’m always here if you feel a little chink in your armour, to help you fix it.

confident training

Master the skills of presenting

Thanks to some help from me, you will learn the skills and tools to create a powerful presentation, that you can showcase with pride!

Get in touch

If you are looking for someone to help you learn how to speak with more confidence, whether for a big event, or in general, I’d love to chat to see how I can help. Drop me a line, or give me a call: 07976 693948.

Here are a few videos to show you who I am, what I do, and give you some tips and tools to walk away with right now, that will help you build your confidence with speaking.

From my blog:

Thoughts on Thanksgiving

Thoughts on Thanksgiving

I’m lucky to be spending thanksgiving in New York this year!  This morning I caught a little to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV and my first thought was OMG how American (no irony intended).  My second thought was, how great is this nation at celebrating! ...

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