Workshops to develop your confidence

From learning how to create a presentation that will share your story, passion or idea, to learning tools and tricks to help you feel more confident when taking the stage – these workshops are tailored with you in mind.

Find out more about each of the workshops we run, and how they are built to develop your skills, boost your confidence, and ultimately support you to help you shine with confidence – we know you have it within you, you just need a few handy tools and tips that we have learned on our journey, to discover that light.

Confident speaker workshops in berkshire and london

The Confident Speaker

If you’ve had enough of being in the audience, yet again, but wishing you could be that confident person speaking at the front of the room…
If you’re eager and excited about your work and want to reach out to A LOT MORE people…
If you’re ready to launch your business and attract the clients and income you want and deserve…
Then I invite you to take THIS next step.
presentation training in reading and london

5 Steps to Powerful Presentations

Do you have a presentation coming up, and feeling lost about where to start?

Perhaps you want to be better and creating talks that engage the audience?

Or you regularly feel nervous when asked to stand up in front of a room, and would love to learn tools to help put you at ease?

This workshop helps to cover the steps to creating a powerful presentation that will engage your audience, plus shares tools and techniques to put you at ease, help you to feel more focused and enjoy the times when you do stand up and speak to people.

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networking training in berkshire

The Confident Networker

We are delighted to be working alongside Jane Webb, a prestigious hypnotherapist and confidence coach, to help create a workshop with a difference.

Throughout the workshop you will learn:

  • how to build an amazing pitch with the WOW factor and then you will deliver it with complete confidence.
  • You will then learn how to develop effective conversations.
  • How to maximise your networking investment by attracting new clients magnetically – almost magically!
  • Maximise your networking investment
  • Build and deliver an engaging pitch
  • Develop effective conversations
  • Attract new clients

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Start your journey to speaking with confidence

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